You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders and sniff the books like perfumes...

 -Ray Bradbury


Ark was an experimental live literature project to create immersive short story performances in library spaces.


Sounding the Sky was an immersive audio story journey around some of the British Library's most spectacular and secret spaces. Audiences experienced an aerial sequence of stories linked by a theme of the sky, involving lying in a summer meadow, migrating with hummingbirds in a reading room with projected illustrations, preparing to skydive from a high balcony, and stepping out into a constellation on a roof terrace. You can find some photos on our Events page.


Time Travellers was commissioned by Durham University's Palace Green Library in response to their Time Machines exhibition. On a fourth dimensional journey around the exhibition and library spaces, audiences experienced stories including a musical version H.G. Wells's The Time Machine by the original manuscript, 'The Phoenix' by Ursula K. Le Guin in a research library-made-apocalyptic, and 'Other People' by Neil Gaiman with shadow puppetry. 

Literally Fantastical was a sold-out short story journey created for the British Library, which took audiences around the building's secret spaces to experience stories on a theme of the fantastical, the fabulous and the fairy tale. We transformed a reading room into an enchanted forest with a singer and a dancer, a roof terrace into an audio installation, linked two distant balconies with silent disco headphones.


A Literary Bestiary was staged at Swiss Cottage Library, curated around a theme of curious creatures, and took the audience on a circular journey around the space for a selection of new stories, classic fables, and an interactive story involving edible books, combined with film, dance and illustration.


A Literary Coup was staged at Primrose Hill Community Library and curated around a theme of libraries and reading. It involved new commissions, classic and contemporary stories, dance, film, and a talking horse.

Nothing matches live performance, but videos and photo collages of our past shows can be found on our Events page. Delve right in.

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